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Among the archives below, you will find numerous historical articles written by Fred Farley. For over 30 years, Fred has held the position as the Official Historian for unlimited hydroplane racing. As a writer, a historian, and as a consultant, there is no one more qualified to write about the actual events that make up the years of racing which has inspired owners and drivers to put everything on the line, in pursuit of the coveted trophy – the Gold Cup. Fred's writings provide more than just the facts and figures. They tells you about the people and who they really were. The people and boats come alive when Fred relives the past. - Enjoy!

1915 APBA Gold Cup
1924 Gold Cup Remembered
1933 - The Year of the Dodge Navy
1935 Gold Cup
1937 Gold Cup Question
1937 Gold Cup Remembered
1938 Gold Cup Remembered
1938 Pacific Motor Boat Trophy Remembered
1939 Gold Cup Remembered
1940 Gold Cup Remembered
1941 Gold Cup Remembered
1946 Gold Cup Remembered
1946 National Sweepstakes Regatta
1947 Gold Cup Remembered
1948 Gold Cup Remembered
1949 Gold Cup Remembered
1950 Gold Cup Remembered
1951 APBA Gold Cup
1951 Gold Cup Remembered
1952 Gold Cup Remembered
1952 President's Cup Regatta
1953 Gold Cup Remembered
1954 Gold Cup Remembered
1955 Gold Cup Remembered
1955 Lake Tahoe Mapes Trophy
1956 Gold Cup Remembered
1956 Hawaii Mile Trial Remembered
1956 Seafair Trophy Remembered
1957 Gold Cup Remembered
1958 Gold Cup Remembered
1959 Gold Cup Remembered
1960 Gold Cup Remembered
1965 Gold Cup Remembered
1967 Miss Budweiser Joins Museum Fleet
1968, the Checkerboard Comet and the “Year that Changed the World”
1971 APBA Gold Cup
1975 Gold Cup Remembered
1982 Gold Cup Remembered
1983 Indiana Governor's Cup
1989 Gold Cup Remembered
1992 Season Review
2003 Seattle Revisited
2004 Chevrolet Cup Revisited
2004 San Diego Heat Results
2005 Bill Muncey Cup
A Brief History of "Aussie Endeavour"
A Brief History of Canadian Roostertails
A Brief History of Current Unlimited Race Sites
A Brief History of Miss Tri-Cities (former Scooter Too)
A Brief History of the Gold Cup
A Brief History of the Madison Regatta
A Brief History of the President's Cup
A Brief History of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing
A Century of Gold Cup Racing
A Complete List of Madison Drivers
A Detroit Debacle
A Few Humorous Anecdotes
A History of Automotive-Powered Unlimiteds
A Las Vegas Memory
A Madison Mystery
A New Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison for 2007
A Rewarding Race in Detroit
A Ron Jones Introduction - A Century of Gold Cup Racing
A San Diego Memory
A Seattle Memory - Thundering Through the Fifties
A Stormy Day on Lake Mead
A Summary of ABRA Racing Rules for the Spectator
A Tribute to Bill Brow - "The World's Fastest Milkman"
A Tribute to Bill O'Mara
A Tribute to Bob and Eileen
A Tribute to Bob Carver
A Tribute to Graham Heath
A Tribute to Miss Pepsi
A Tribute to O.H Frisbie
A Tribute to Roy Pedersen
A Tribute to the Griffon Bud
A Tribute to Walt Kade
A Wife's Perspective
A Wonderful Ride in "It's A Wonder"
ABRA puts Unlimited Race Series on Solid Footing
Aggressor and Stampede Remembered
Alagi - The Gold Cup Champion
Allison V-1710 Engine
Aluminum First Question
Always in the Shadow
Anchor Jensen
And a Little Detroit River Thunder
And Bombers Hit the River
Another U-6
APBA Gold Cup - The World War II Years
Art Asbury Remembered
Assault on the Summit
At Kent Museum, a Hydroplane Hero Remembers
Battle For The Gold Cup
Bernie Little
Bernie Little - King of Boats
Bernie Little Remembered
Bernie Little's Miss Budweiser - A 40-Year Timeline
Bigger Than Life
Bill Bennett Remembered
Bill Cantrell
Bill Horn Remembered
Bill Muncey
Bill Muncey - The First Golden Age
Bill Muncey Remembered
Bill Stead Remembered
Bill Sterett Remembered
Bill Waggoner Remembered
Bill Wurster - Then and Now
Biography of Chip Hanauer
Bitten by the Big Bad Boat Bug
Black Sunday - Unlimited Hydroplane Racing's Darkest Day
Black Sunday Changed Hydro Racing
Bob and His Marvelous Monster
Bob Gilliam Question
Bob Gilliam Remembered
Bob Hayward Remembered
Boeing Turbine Question
Bringing Home the Hurricane
Bud T-3 Continuum
Building the Perfect Dragon
Canada's Miss Supertest III - The Harmsworth Champion
Changes are stealing some of the thunder, and risk, of the unlimited
Chip Hanauer
Chip Hanauer - Biography
Chuck Thompson's Miss Detroit (1958)
Chuck Thompson Remembered
Copper Cup Question
Crash and Carry On
Crew Chiefs - The Unsung Heros
Dan Arena - A Powerboat Racing Legend
Dancing with the Devil
Danny Foster
Danny Foster - The First Superstar
Dave Villwock - 55 Wins...And Counting
Dean Chenoweth
Dean Chenoweth Remembered
Death at Seattle
Detroit Dossin Brothers Win the 1947 Gold Cup
Detroit River Thunder - The Post-War Years
Detroit Steals Seattle's Pride
Detroit's Fabulous Schoenith Family
Diamonds Aren't Forever
Dollar Bill & $ BILL
Don Wilson Question
Don Wilson Remembered
Donald Campbell - In the Shadow of Sir Malcolm
Doug McIntosh Remembered
Dynamo Dean and the Griffon Bud
Early Day Gold Cup Memories
Ed Cooper, Jr. and his 'relic' evolve nicely in hydroplane game
Ed Cooper, Sr. Remembered
Edsel Ford Question
El Lagarto - The Leaping Lizard of Lake George
Evansville Thunder... Since 1938
Evolution of the Unlimited Lights
Extra Special Roostertail Moments
Famous Miss Budweisers of the Past
Fast Old Lady
Faster and Faster
Fastest Man Afloat
Fastest Penny on the Water
Father of hydro racing in Seattle, Ted Jones, dies
Fearless Fred Alter
Fickle Eye Question
First Unlimited Hydroplane Race on the Columbia River
Five minutes with ... Billy Schumacher, hydroplane driver
Flying Sauce
Foundation For A Career
"Four Rookies in One Race" Question
Fragile Heart
Fred Farley's Ten Greatest Gold Cups
Gale Jet Boat Question
Gale V - The Gold Cup Champion
Gale V Question
Gar Wood
Gar Wood - Speedboat King
Gar Wood - The Beginning of a Career
Gar Wood Question
Gar Wood Races the Twentieth Century Limited
Gene Whipp Remembered
George "It's a Wonder" Davis
George Davis - "The Hisso Man"
George Simon Remembered
Go 2 Guy - Life is much slower for Chip Hanauer
Going For Broke At 300 MPH
Gold and Glory - The Final Year of the Dragon
Gold Cup Glitter
Gold Cup Madness - The Annual Epidemic
Gold Cup Racing Format Over The Years
Gold Cup Repeaters
Gold'n Crust Question
Graham Heath Remembered
Great History in Canada for Unlimited Racing
Guy Lombardo and the 1946 Gold Cup
Halfway There
Hallowed Hydros
Hanauer Blog - My Hopes and Thoughts
Hanauer Blog - Get Some Hip in the Sport Before Someone Breaks One
Hanauer Blog - Warrior: Good for the Ego, Bad for the Soul
Hanauer Blog - Back from Detroit
Hanauer Blog - Every Member of the Team Helps in Gold Cup Win
Hanauer Leaving For Good
Hanauer Retires from Unlimited Hydroplane Competition
Hanauer Slows Down
Harrah's Club Question
Harry Woods Remembered
Hawaii Kai III - The Gold Cup Champion
Hayward A Humble Racer
Heat Winner Question
Hell-Bent Hydroplanes
Henry Lauterbach Remembered
Herb Mendelson Question
Hermes V Question
His Future is Unlimited
History of Miss Wahoo
History of Pay 'N Pak Racing
History of the Calvert Trophy
Honor Squadron 2005 - Bob Wartinger
Howard Hughes and "Dukie" Remembered
Howie Benns Question
Hurricane IV Question
Hydro fever blends nostalgia with competition for die-hards
Hydro Hassle In Detroit
Hydro Legend Back In Action
Hydro-Prop World and Local Records
Hydroplane Memory Lane
Hydroplane Racing in Seattle - A Book Review
Hydroplane Racing on Green Lake
Hydroplanes at Seafair: Revving up a legacy
I Will Drive Like I Drive
In The Beginning...
Independent Races Question
Is there a future for automotive power for the Unlimiteds?
Jack Bartlow Remembered
Jack Love Remembered
Jerry Bangs Question
Jet on the Water
Jim Kropfeld Remembered
Jim McCormick's Miss Timex (1971)
Jim McCormick Question
Joe Taggart Remembered
John Walters Question
Kayleigh Perkins - The lady in red is ready to rumble
Killproof and Maybe Spillproof
King of the Thunderboats
Kit Muncey Remembered
KOLroy Question
Laird Pierce Remembered
Lee Schoenith Question
Lee Schoenith Remembered
Les and Jon Staudacher
Les and Jon Staudacher Question
Les Staudacher Remembered
LLumar Window Film Wins Columbia Cup
Lou Fageol Remembered
Madison - A Movie Review
Madison fires up memories of a golden era in hydro racing
Marion Cooper and Miss Madison
Marion Cooper Remembered
Meet the Magnificent Monsters
Memorable Moments in Hydro History
Mighty Mo
Mike Thomas Remembered
Mike Welsch Remembered
Mira Slovak
Mira Slovak - "The Flying Czech"
Miss Budweiser Race Victories (1966-2004)
Miss Budweiser Shatters World Speed Record for Kilometer Run
Miss Budweiser Wins General Motors Cup
Miss Chrysler Crew Remembered
Miss E-Lam Plus Wins 2002 Columbia Cup
Miss E-Lam Plus Wins 2007 Columbia Cup
Miss Everett Question
Miss Grays Harbor Question
Miss Madison - The Gold Cup Champion
Miss Supertest III Question
Miss Thriftway and Miss Spokane Question
Miss Thriftway Lives
Miss Tri-Cities Question
Miss Tool Crib Question
Mister Fabricator
Moe Buringrud Remembered
Motor City Memories
Multi-Boat Teams
Muncey's Best Season Question
Museum celebrates hydroplane racing’s past while building its future
My Darling Question
My Favorite Test Session
My friend, ‘Gentleman’ Jim McCormick
My Gypsy Remembered
My Ride in Slo-mo-shun V
Mystery Boats Question
Ninety Proof
Notre Dame Question
Norm Evans Remembered
Oh Boy! Oberto - 1975-2001
Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison: 2007 in Review
Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison Wins 2007 Bill Muncey Cup
Ohio River Thunder - A Hydroplane Heritage
Ole Bardahl Remembered
Ollie's Folly Remembered
On Lake Washington
One For the Rolls
Pak Owner Stayed on Cutting Edge of Boat Racing
Peter Woeck Remembered
Phantom Hydroplanes Question
Phil Cole Remembered
Propriders - The First Generation
Re-Short Circuit The First
Records Fell In Roaring Wakes
Red Bank Question
Remembering Lucile Woods
Restored Hydro Pays Tribute to Golden Age
Retired "Racer Jon" Madison's Peddie Left Impact on Sport
Rex Manchester
Rex Manchester Remembered
Rich Triumph at a Ripe Age
Roger McCormick Question
Rolls-Royce Griffon Engine
Rolls-Royce Merlin/V1650 Engine
Rolls-Royce Merlin Question
Ron Jones and the F-16 Safety Canopy
Ron Larsen Question
Ron Musson
Ron Musson - Hall of Fame
Ron Musson Remembered
Rookies Unlimited
Roy Duby Remembered
Russ Schleeh - The Shanty Man
Salute and Farewell, Bernie Little
San Diego History Notes
Scooter (U-12) - The Forgotten Thunderboat
Scooter Too (U-10) - Alias "The Submarine"
Seafair Hydroplane Race Winners
Seattle Attendance Question
Seattle's Deadly Farce
Seven Who Shaped Seafair
Shanty I, Miss Wahoo, and Miss Spokane Question
She Does a Lot For a Little
Shipwright Anchor Jensen, hydroplane legend, dies
Shirley McDonald
Shu Shu Question
Sitting on a Rooster Tail
Skid Fins - The Loads They Carry
Skip-A-Long Remembered
Slaying the Bogey Man
Sleuthing the Dragon
Slo-Mo Bridges Memories, Family
Slo-Mo-Shun Replay: Hydro Lives Again
Slo-mo-shun, Stan Sayres and Ted Jones
Slo-Mo-Shun IV, Stanley Sayres Sets World Record of 160 mph
Slovak, Wahoo Grab Title
Smiling George and the Winged Wonder
Smirnoff Question
So Long, Chip Hanauer
Some Early Three-Pointers (Vintage 1938)
Some Famous Unlimiteds of the Past
Some More Early Three-Pointers (Vintage 1939)
Some Thoughts on Honolulu
Special: The Large Economy Size in Gold Cups
Speedboats in the Desert
Squire Shop Question
Stan Dollar Remembered
Stepped Hull Design
Steve David - A Man with a Mission
Steve Reynolds - "My First Win"
Steve Reynolds - "My Rookie Year"
Steve Reynolds Green Lake Crash
Student Driver - Chip Hanauer reluctantly prepares to surpass his hydroplane hero
Sunken Boats Question
Tahoe Miss Question
Tarnished Gold Cup
Ted Jones
Ted Jones and Slo-mo-shun IV
Ted Jones Question
Ted Jones Remembered
Tempest Remembered
Tempo VI - The Gold Cup Champion
Ten Greatest Gold Cups
Terry Troxell Remembered
The $ Bill Story
The 725 Class Remembered
The Albin Fallon Story
The Alter Ego Story
The APBA Gold Cup - Since 1904
The Apple Cup Revisited
The Best - and Last - of the Great Piston Era Hydroplanes
The Boats That Didn't
The Bob Hughes Story
The Bogus U-Boat
The Brief Career of Miss U
The Brief Career of Red Man U-8
The Brief History of Dee-Jay V
The Chuck Hickling Story
The Circus Circus Story
The Dan Arena Story
The Dave Villwock Story
The Dossin Brothers Remembered
The Ed Cooper Story
The Ed Karelsen Story
The Fast-Steppers - From Pioneer To Miss Pepsi
The First Allison-Powered Unlimited Victory
The First Thunderboat - Miss Great Lakes Remembered
The Fred Alter Story
The Gold Cup Class Revisited
The Golden Gold Cup (1957)
The Gray Ghost
The Greg Hopp Story
The Guy Lombardo Story
The Harold Wilson Story
The Hoosier State - The New Capital of Hydro Racing?
The Hurricane IV Story
The hydros rolled snake eyes on a gambling man's lake
The Jack Regas Story
The Jack Schafer Story
The Jean Theoret Story
The Jerry Hopp Story
The Jim Hendrick Story
The Jim Lucero Story
The Jim McCormick Story
The Joe Schoenith Story
The Jon Peddie Story
The Jones / Jensen / Slo-Mo Question
The Ken Muscatel Story
The Legend of "Billy the Kid"
The Lilac Lady Remembered
The Lone Star
The Lou Fageol Story
The Madison Regatta - 50 Years of Thunder
The Man Who Builds The Thunderboats
The Mark Evans Story
The Mark Smith Story
The Mark Tate Story
The Mark Weber Story
The Master Speaks - An Interview with Ron Jones Sr.
The Mickey Remund Story
The Mike Allen Story
The Mike Hanson Story
The Milner Irvin Story
The Miss America VIII Lawsuit of 1991
The Miss Bardahl Story
The Notre Dame Story
The Old Salts - Jerry Hopp and George Woods
The Other Miss Pepsi
The Parco's O-Ring Miss Story
The Phil Cole Story
The Pink Lady - The Saga of the "Quasi-Kai"
The Pop Cooper Story
The Race That Nobody Remembers
The Racing Steretts
The Red Loomis Story
The Return of the Hurricane
The Return Of The Jones Boy
The Ron Brown Story
The Saga of Dave Heerensperger
The Saga of Dave Villwock
The Saga of "It's a Wonder"
The Saga of Joe and Phil...and the "Budweiser/Pocket Mechanic"
The Saga of "Oregon Kid"
The Saga of "Wild Bill" Cantrell
The Saga of Hermes III
The Saga of Jack Beebe
The Saga of Jim Clapp and the U-95
The Saga of Jim Harvey
The Saga of Marion Cooper's "Mercury"
The Saga of Ron Jones
The Saga of Ron Snyder
The Saga of Smirnoff / Myr / Atlas
The Saga of Stan Dollar
The Scott Pierce Story
The Silver Cup Story
The Six Traditional Race Sites
The Slo-Mo's Days Are O'er
The Slo-mo-shun Saga
The Smirnoff Saga
The Sterett Legacy
The Steve David Story
The Steve Reynolds Story
The Unlimited Lights - 1995 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 1997 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 1998 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 1999 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2000 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2001 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2002 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2003 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2004 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2005 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2006 in Review
The Unlimited Lights - 2007 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 1946 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 1947 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 1961 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 1987 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2000 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2001 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2002 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2003 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2004 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2005 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2006 in Review
The Unlimiteds - 2007 in Review
The Vanquished (1955-1963)
The Ventnor Three-Pointers
The Wanderer Question
The Water Monsters
The World According To Lee
Theo Rossi Proposed WC Race Back In 1938
Three Slo-Mo Laps For The Memories
Three Traditional Races
Thunder And The Glory - An Era When The Hydros Reigned Supreme
Thunder in Coeur D'Alene
Thunder on the Bay
Thunderboating - A Personal Memoir
Thunderboats "Down Under"
Thunderbolt Question
Thundering Toward Another Title
Tom D'Eath
Tom Martin Remembered
Tommy Fults Question
TomyAnn Question
Toughest chicken afloat
Triple Engine Question
Turbines vs Pistons
Turning on to Turbine Power
Twin Automotive Pay-N-Pak Question
Twin-Engine Question
Two Rooster Tails Wash Out a Fifth Gold Cup
Two Winners in One Race
U-21 Hull Number History
U-Boats with City Names
Unlimited and Offshores - A Common Origin
Unlimited Drivers Victories (1946-2004)
Unlimited Glossary of Technical Terms
Unlimited Hydroplane Racing - Tri-Cities Style
Unlimited Hydros - Back on Track
Unlimited Owners Victories (1946-2004)
Up On Plane - A Novel by Joe McCormick
VINGT-ET-UN II - The Gold Cup Champion
Warren Avis Remembered
Warner Gardner Remembered
We'll win the Gold Cup
Welcome Back, Billy Schumacher!
What Really Happened That Day in 1971?
Wild Bill Cantrell
Wildroot Charlie Question
Winged Wonder Question

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